Incompetent people in BJP


The problems in BJP now is more organizational than ideological. They have incompetent people in BJP. That is why they are suffering a lot. Arun Shourie has also explained that.

One of the most important position in BJP is “General Secretary -Organisation”. Right now Ram Lal is holding the post. He is not up to the mark. He can’t even understand UP politics properly. Some people in RSS want Muralidhar Rao to become next “General Secretary -Organisation”. They think as Muralidhar Rao is a close to Govindacharya and Gurumurthy, it will be good. But he is far more worst than Ram Lal. This Muralidhar Rao is a total crap in understanding political issues, situations, developing new strategies for growth of party etc

For many of the problems in BJP, RSS is also an factor (may be not the only factor in BJP crisis). RSS itself doesn’t have people of good calibre. For example Ram Madhav is pathetic. Even the so called “intellectual” Tarun Vijay is found wanting in most issues.

BJP is having a problem with two kinds of people:

1. Competent people – there are lots , but many of them nurture only personal ambitions like Arun Jaitley.

2. Incompetent people – there are lots and they sitting as dead weights in the party (this includes some RSS appointed people as well and not just aya rams & gaya rams) Rajnath Singh, Sughanshu Mittal, Muralidhar Rao etc

BJP needs more people like Modi, Manohar Parrikar, Nitin Gadkari. They are competent & also put organisation first. BJP’s issue is not a ideological crisis. Nor it is about the role of RSS.

It is plain & simple : incompetence in various levels.

P.S:   People mentioned in this post like Ram Madhav, Tarun Vijay etc might be good people (honest, committed etc). But in the issue of skills & competence, many a times they lag behind.  This post is no way to demean RSS.  It has many capable people like  Vaman Acharya (who was General Secretary Organisation for BJP in Karnataka).  Govindacharya was awesomoe when he used to be organisational man.


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  1. Gopi Says:

    Well written.

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